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Steel plate printing, heat insulation aluminum zinc silicon, hot film, embossing, transfer printing production line

Printing production line: can produce 0.15-1.2X1000-1250mm, three-roll four-color, all kinds of colorful EP flower products, and can be customized privately

The developed group has introduced Korean technology and has a new printing, heat insulation, transfer and embossing production line.

Printing products cooperate with Nippon Co., Ltd., and the bottom, top coat, ink and varnish are all produced by Nippon Paint.

Nippon can issue a warranty book covering PE coatings for more than 10 years and PVDF coatings for more than 20 years.

Coating structure (Our company ensures positive: zinc layer + primer + topcoat + ink + varnish structure)

Color paint production line

Color coating equipment: Can produce 2/2, 2/1m, 2/1 high weathering, writing board, self-cleaning, suede, textured, anti-scratch, pearl, antibacterial and other series of color steel products



Color Coating Introduction

Developed green color-coated steel plates are galvanized steel strips (galvanized fQ hot-dipped zinc), hot-dipped zinc-aluminum alloy steel strips or cold-rolled strip steels, etc., on a continuous unit, after surface pretreatment (degreased And chemical treatment), with roller coating or film coating, etc., coated with one or more layers of organic coatings, baking and cooling to get high-quality color coated steel products.

At present, the developed group has two high-end color coating production lines with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons. Can produce 0.15 ~ 1.20x750 ~ 1250xC various specifications, color multi-color coated plate, especially the 0.30 ~ 1.20xl250xC specifications for the company's leading products, has passed IS09001 quality certification, product tailored, excellent quality, to meet the domestic eve Bu general demand of our customers.

Products: High weather resistance, reticulate, anti-scratch, antibacterial and so on.

The Color chart production line process flow chart


Continuous Hot Dip (Aluminum) Zinc Production Line (GI, GL)

Galvanizing equipment: can produce 50% aluminum-zinc-silicon plate, zero-zinc flower, small zinc flower, normal zinc plate, textural plate, anti-fingerprint and other series of galvanized products



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