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Fada Group, founded in 1986, is a large steel industry and trade enterprise integrating domestic trade, international trade, production and deep processing, with subsidiaries of Shandong Fada Precision Sheet Co., Ltd., Shandong Fada Precision Sheet Co., Ltd.,Shandong Boxing County Fada Materials Co., Ltd., and Shandong Boxing County Shengwang Steel Sales Co., Ltd. Our company mainly produces new eco-friendly color coated steel coil (0.10~1.20*800~1,250mm), precision ultrathin galvanized coil (0.10~0.80*800~1,250mm) and so on, and our precision ultrathin galvanized sheet (0.10-0.15*1,000xc) and new eco-friendly color coated steel sheet fill the blank of domestic steel sheet industry. Our high-quality galvanized sheets and Al-Zn coated sheets were listed as technological innovation products by Shandong Economic and Trade Commission. We invested heavily in galvanized & color coated production line and aluminum sheet color coated production line based on existing galvanized production line, continuously improve production technology and environmental production line technology and adopt domestic and foreign brand paint for surface coating. The produced color coated steel sheet, featured by permanent corrosion resistance, weather resistance and so on, has wider applicability and is an ideal material for current architectural decoration. Meanwhile, Fada Group also operates steel sheet coils with various specifications and materials, and provides deep processing, storage and other service. Our company owns two standard logistics storehouses, providing modern storage logistics service for customers. Fada Group has abundant capital and a team with rich marketing experience. Many customers spread across the country, and modern scientific enterprise management and able and moral staff create good conditions for our rapid development. Company Tenet: High Credit, Strong Commitment Business Philosophy: Friends by Sincerity, Development by Credit


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