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Galvanized sheet

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Galvanized sheet

55%镀铝锌、纯锌镀锌钢板  本产品采用美钢联法镀锌工艺,尤其在渡锌成分中加入了价格比较昂贵的锡,使产品表面亮度、锌层附着力、锌花均匀度有了很大的改善,较普通渡锌板从美观度、使用寿命等方面都有不可比拟的优越性。  附着力强:锡铁合金与铁基板更容易结合,形成锌、铁、锡合金层,让锌层更加牢固的附着在基板表面。  光亮度高:锡结晶后表面亮度比锌、铝更亮,产品锌层表面亮度增高.颜色更加亮丽。  耐腐蚀性强
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55% galvanized zinc, pure zinc galvanized steel sheet

This product adopts the American Steel Union method of galvanizing process, especially the more expensive tin is added to the zinc alloy component, which greatly improves the surface brightness, zinc layer adhesion, and spangle uniformity of the product, compared with ordinary zinc alloy. The board has incomparable advantages in terms of aesthetics and service life.

Strong adhesion: The tin-iron alloy and the iron substrate are more easily combined to form a zinc, iron, and tin alloy layer, so that the zinc layer is more firmly attached to the surface of the substrate.

High brightness: The surface brightness of tin crystallized is brighter than zinc and aluminum, and the surface brightness of the zinc layer of the product is increased. The color is brighter.

Strong corrosion resistance: When the content of zinc, aluminum, iron, and tin in the zinc solution of this product reaches a certain reasonable ratio, the molecular structure of the alloy layer is changed, the zinc layer is denser, and the corrosion resistance is enhanced.

The main purpose of the product: construction, civil, packaging, advertising and other industries.

Galvanized sheet
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Galvanized sheet
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